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Pawsitive Paws

A new initiative PVI is undertaking to recognize those students doing the right thing is Pawsitive Paws. Teachers and staff will periodically be given the opportunity to recognize a student by writing a positive blurb about that child on the back of our PVI postcard. A phone call home will also be made to share those positive notes and then the card will be sent home with the child so that it can be celebrated there as well. 

Congratulations to each of you for being a role model and giving us each something to strive for.  
The recipients of PVI Positive Paws postcard will be updated and listed below at the end of each week.  
Recipients for the week of....
February 20th:
          - Onious George, Danielle Goland, Devin Khamis, Justin LaRue, Khadil Guerrero Masuoka, Kambryn Meckes,
           Lishka Soto-Semidey, Nicholaus Westerman       
February  27th:
           - Brinley Altemus, Rachel Baez, Tyler DeMund, Alex Ecker, Sarah Firestone, Jonathan Paul,
March 6th:
           - Daelynn Beinert, Trista Keller 
front card    back card